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What is Rossiter System

Rossiter is the most highly effective tool in the world in repairing fascia. Fascia makes up 1/3 of our body. Changing fascia, changes the structure, and changes the relationship of all tissues of the body to each other. Opening tissues to blood flow, oxygen and nutrients is the single greatest improvement we can make for our bodies.

The objective of The Rossiter System tissue manipulation is to create more space inside the ENTIRE chest for Asthma and COPD sufferers.

Change Your Life In 15 Minutes!

Specialized Rossiter manipulations address all the layers, simultaneously and in sections, producing profound results in minutes.

The Rossiter Technique works on:

•   The Chest, Ribs, Intercostal muscles

•   The VisceralPleura

•   Parietal Pleura

•   TheBronchopulmonary segments

•   Alveoli

Where is The Rossiter System work done?

All of the tissue movements are performed externally on the chest. Two mechanisms are necessary for tissue to expand during a Rossiter System workout.

1. Incorporation of the body’s entire connective tissue system (CTS), to make it function as one.

2. Physical compression applied to each segment of the lung

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