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About John Prior

John Prior is a Certified Rossiter Instructor and Coach and Rossiter System Workouts Instructor (14 years) who served as the Vice President in American Massage Therapy Association – California, East Bay Unit for more than 5 years. He holds around 20 years of experience in offering massage therapies and pain management remedies.

John’s passion towards people suffering from excruciating pain motivated him to become a Massage Therapist by profession. He graduated with Honors from the National Holistic Institute in 2001 with over 720 hours of training.

John strongly believes that education has no bounds. So, he strives to upgrade his skill sets by taking up special workshops every year. To alleviate even the most painful conditions in individuals, he established his own center for pain management – ‘Fremont Rossiter Wellness Center’. As the name implies, he chooses the smartest pain relieving strategies to suit the individual’s requirements.

Today, John has taken the next step in focusing his energies using proven holistic Rossiter techniques, a professional facility, a business model that is client-result-driven, and working with Rossiter LLC to uphold public trust.


John specializes in restoring mobility and he is an expert in empowering individuals to get rid of their body pain. He specializes in Rossiter techniques and is a Rossiter Instructor that teaches Rossiter Unit 1 through Unit 4.

John has immense experience as a trainer; he has taught at massage schools in Northern California, retreat centers, and also at AMTA-CA state conventions.

His new passion is removing pain from the workforce through advance Rossiter techniques that are tailored through Rossiter System Workouts solutions. Rossiter System Workouts solutions has results of 40% to 60% reduction in workman’s comp. claims. Everyone wins when an employee is pain free.

His pain solutiontechniques also include myofascial release, on-site chair massage, trigger point therapy, sports massage and much more.

John believes that with the right pain management technique and the person’s cooperation, it is easier to get out of any kind of body pain.

He says, ‘If you really want to get out of pain and you are willing to work hard at it, contact me. I will empower you to get yourself out of pain.’

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