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Bemer uses a PEMF, pulsed electro-magnetic frequency to deliver a patented wave form to stimulate your microcirculation. Why is this important? First, look at the picture above and you will see that most often our blood is sticky, clinging to each other and not round. Within minutes your blood separates into individual round red blood cells that can now flow through your capillaries and absorb oxygen.

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The picture below shows you the change in blood flow, before and after, using a Bemer for 8 minutes.

Do you know you have over 75,000 miles of capillaries? And that 74% of your blood flow is in your capillaries. Your microcirculation is so important to be at its best because it delivers nutrients and oxygen. Another amazing fact is when your blood cells are not stuck and are nice and round, your oxygen content to all your 100 trillion cells increases to 30%. The function of the blood is also to remove cellular body waste.

Take a close look at the photo below. You are looking at a diabetic lesion ready to be amputated. But within 8 weeks of using the Bemer the leg is almost healed. Increase the blood flow and oxygen and the body can start to heal itself.

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