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Are you tired of your hectic lifestyle? So will be your body too! Extreme physical activities can strain your muscles, joints and connective tissue. The affected muscles may cause persistent pain, developing stress on the muscle fibers. Various Rossiter techniques are involved to mitigate this condition.

There is something called trigger points; these are hyperirritable spots located in a tight band of skeletal muscles. They are typical pain points that might even accompany chronic musculoskeletal ailments due to extreme physical activity. The affected muscles may cause persistent pain, developing stress on the muscle fibers.

Trigger point treatment comprises of many techniques to treat the painful trigger points of the body. The severity of the pain determines the number of treatment sessions required to treat the condition.

Trigger point therapy is one such therapy to manage pain because of extreme physical activity. There are also various other treatments to get rid of pain due to extreme physical activities.

“We are very experienced in treating pain as an outcome of severe physical activity by choosing the right type of Rossiter System Technique. Workout sessions are planned according to the restrictions of the connective tissue and this is done by combining deep manual weight with stretching to relax the strained area of pain.”

“I was diagnosed with bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome, and my doctor wanted to schedule surgery on both arms. I would wake up in the middle of the night and my arms would feel like they were burning and swollen. We started doing the stretches 2-3 times a week, and now we do them as a tune-up about every 2-3 weeks. They work so well. I got my mobility back. I’m pain-free. These stretches have given me my life back.”
Jane W., Retail Clerk, Vancouver, Wash.
“I had carpal tunnel syndrome and was wearing a cast 24 hours a day. My doctor was ready to start injections and then maybe surgery. These (stretches) completely cured my problem with no medical treatment needed.”
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