Rossiter Workouts- Safe and Effective

I am pleased announce another life changing success story. I was introduced to a gentleman who had surgery in his shoulder 20 years ago. Because of this surgery and the scar tissue that developed there he had limited range of motion (ROM). He could not lift his arm over his head and his pain was at 8 out of 10.

This was my first meeting and I quickly came up with a plan to work with him to release his connective tissue. If you want to know more about connective tissue or fascia please read February 2016 post, “What is connective tissue?”

He worked very hard under my foot for 40 minutes and the results were amazing.

Look at the “Before” photo and you can see that he is leaning to his left just to get his arm behind his back. The “After” photo shows a greatly improved range of motion. His pain went from 8 to 2. Remember, his arm was stuck for over 20 years. The Rossiter workout is safe and effective because the work is done together, coach and PIC (person in charge).

I believe there is no other technique out there that can get the results like the Rossiter workout.