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John specializes in restoring mobility and he is an expert in empowering individuals to get rid of their body pain. He specializes in Rossiter techniques is a “Senior Instructor” that teaches Rossiter Unit 1-4, 16 CEU’s that are accredited by the CMA, FHT, NASM, and NCBTMB.

He also teaches mini workshops on upper, mid, and lower body pain releases (1.5 hr) John has taught at massage schools in Northern California, retreat centers, and also at AMTA-CA state conventions.

John believes in using more than one type of teaching; seeing, hearing, and feeling. John likes to use a PowerPoint presentation with embedded video. After you see and hear the work, John demonstrates the technique. Then each student pairs up and practices the technique as the coach and as the PIC (person in charge). As a seasoned instructor, John walks around the workshop and corrects the student’s technique. There is lots of review to hone in the learned skill set.

If time allows, John will bring in another outside person for the class to practice on. Class is broken into groups and each group will do an assessment on this person, strategize on what Rossiter techniques to use, do the work, and do a reassessment. This exercise will tie in all that they learned in this workshop.

Come and experience it yourself