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NRT Neural Reset Therapy®

A new and exciting way to help the body is through Neural Reset Therapy®(NRT).

When you bring your hand to your face you are contracting your biceps. At the same time, without you thinking about it, you are relaxing your triceps. If your body didn’t do this, you could not easily bring your upper arm into flexion. Sometimes you may have an over contracted muscle that is not turning off or resetting.

There is a way to reset the nerve to have that muscle relax and that can be done through a special form of reciprocal inhibition and other ways. NRT is a unique process of how to do that. With over 600 muscles and each having their own mechanoreceptors, there are many techniques to apply to free your body of pain.

In NRT the body is not traumatized to release that muscle and your clothing is kept on. The release could be a fast as 1 second to do. A practitioner could even reset an area by working on the opposite side of the body.

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