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What is Rossiter

The Rossiter Workout is an advance two person stretch that puts space back into the connective tissue. The techniques are very simple, the coach or practitioner place their foot onto the client or PIC, person in charge.

Once the foot is applied to an area of pain or restriction, weight is given to that area until the PIC says “stop”. Then the coach asks for specific movement from the PIC. The stretch is done for 15 to 20 seconds and may be repeated in different areas.

Once the stretch has been completed the coach will ask the PIC to get up and walk or move that area so that the PIC can feel the difference after the stretch. In most cases the pain is greatly reduced or eliminated.

An example from a typical Rossiter workout. The Rossiter Coach strategically and gently places their foot on the Person In Charge (PIC)-who then does specific movements to stretch and release their connective tissue to it’s natural healthy looseness.

The stretches are done through the clothing and on a mat. The magic is compression of tissue with movement, and the benefits are instant pain relief, greater range of motion, and return of strength to that area.

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