“What is connective tissue?”

Let’s stop here for a moment and define what connective tissue (CT) is. CT runs throughout your body from head to toe. It runs through blood vessels, organs, and muscles. The CT or fascia can have a tensile strength up to 2000 pounds per square inch. Tight CT can impinge on your nervous and circulatory system, can pull bones out of alignment, can cause toxins to build up, restrict ROM, and cause chronic pain.

“What causes the CT to get tight?”

The CT gets tight from surgery, trauma, stress, repetitive moment, toxins, and poor posture. One could have all six or just part of the set, but remember the longer you ignore your body’s communication to you the harder and longer it will take to rebalance you.

When you have surgery that scar tissue is a must for body recovery. But what is not needed is the pattern that scar tissue is in. That scar tissue will most likely not be running with the fibers but in a hash pattern. That hash pattern will limit ROM, causing pain with lower body performance.

“How does one break down the scar tissue?”

The Rossiter workout has proven over and over again to break down scar tissue. With weight applied through the coach’s foot and the special ingredient…. movement, you have the winning combination to have the CT recovery to its natural state. In other words, more freedom or space, and less to no pain.